– [Man] She smiles, she smiles. (laughing) – The Chicago’s
Best team are some of the hardest-working
people I know. But normally they have to
sit down and watch me eat. Oh man, oh wow, this
just melts in your mouth. But today I’m making a
special meal for them. – All right, who
all comin’ over? – And all the
ingredients I need are on the south side. – 71st and the Dan Ryan. – At Market Fisheries in
Greater Grand Crossing. (upbeat music) We are in the belly
of the fish right now. We are in the belly
of the fish right now. This is clearly a classic
old-school fish mongers This is clearly a classic
old-school fish mongers which is why Baron on
our app said you guys are the best.
– This is the stuff man. – I just love it.
– It’s good. – Yes we are. – So tell us a little
bit about the place, because it looks like you’ve
been around here for a
long time. – Since 1957. Back in the early days
people from the South couldn’t find anywhere
to get the products they were used to buying. – Baby cat.
– Buffalo. – Jumbo shrimp.
– Rainbow trout. – Walleye.
– Crawfish. – Ocean perch. – [Haim] So, my dad started
bringing in these products in. – What you need on this fish?
– I want skin off. – Head on.
– Skin on right? – So, Brody, we’ve heard
through the grapevine, that you guys are famous
for all the ingredients you need to put
together a killer gumbo. – Yes, that’s true. Our
andouille comes in directly from New Orleans,
crab legs, shrimp, is another key ingredient. – Who you gonna hand me off to? – Curtis Alexander. – He’s the Gumbo man?
– He is. – What are the best things
to put into a gumbo? – Well, put the
crab meat in there, scallops, crab legs right, here and take you a few
lobster tails like this, you put those in there. – Thanks for the tips
Curtis, why don’t we pack all this up, I’m gonna
head out, I’m gonna make the perfect gumbo for
the entire CB crew. – OK, sounds good. – Sounds confident in me. (Curtis laughing) – Before I do that I need to
answer one burning question. What’s the secret to
making great gumbo? – I don’t make gumbo.
– You don’t make gumbo? You eat gumbo?
– I eat gumbo. – Andouille sausage,
great shrimp, good crabs. – So you’re a
selfish gumbo person? – Yeah I am.
– You don’t give it back. Is there anything you put
in the no one else does? – I couldn’t tell you. – Why is everyone so secretive
with their gumbo recipe? – It’s that way.
Family secrets. – So your husband won’t even
share your secrets with you? – No, he won’t. That’s a real (bleep) move. – I know isn’t that yeah.
– That sucks. With that question thoroughly.
– I don’t know. – Unanswered.
– Right, right, right. – I like it. It’s time to load up the
Compass and hit the road. I got all my ingredients
all I need to do now is call up my producer Randell
and tell her I’m on my way. Hey Siri call Randell.
– Calling Randell. – Hey Elliott, what’s going on? – I got all the
ingredients you need to get that roux going
’cause I’m on my way. – OK, we’re gettin’
hungry so be here quick. – Okay, I’ll be there in a bit. (doorbell ringing) – Hey Randell.
– Hey guys, welcome. – What do you think?
– What are you eating? – Oh she’s funny. OK, we got everything we
need for the perfect gumbo. Jaz is on the roux,
Randell you chop the veg. I’ll take care of the fish. Jason crack open the beers. (upbeat music) Clink it!