– Hello everyone. Welcome back to Royalty Soaps and the first video in the
Farmer’s Market Collection. As you can see, I’m wearing my overalls, so you guys know we’re
about to get farmin’ I love the entire concept
of growing something and then selling it in a local place with a lot of other sellers
all sort of commonly connected with this mutual love of growing stuff. Like, that’s just beautiful. I think farmer’s markets are so, ugh, they make me feel so good inside, and they only come
around in the springtime so I thought this would
be the perfect time to do this collection for March. Spring is just starting to come through. It’s just starting to
get a little bit warmer. Part of the proceeds from
one of the soaps this month is actually going to go to a
special charity for honeybees. We also have a birthstone
soap for March’s birthstone, which is aquamarine and
that’s a really cool soap. And we have a few specialty
soaps that we’re only gonna be making a very,
very small amount of. They’re super detailed, and oh
my gosh, I love them so much. And right now I’m gonna show
you guys my Pinterest board kind of highlighting all of the things that made me feel springy and inspired me for this collection. So you’ll see there’s lavender, and there’s farm-fresh peaches
in the back of a peach truck and there’s sprouts and all sorts of healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s a whole vibe. It’s a whole mood. Also, for this collection I
designed a signature soap. A soap that just embodies the whole thing. That’s today’s video. I wanted to start off with a bang, start off with the original,
the farmer’s market soap. It’s a cube soap, or a mosaic soap, and it has lots of
interesting colors in it. I’m so excited, so without further adieu, let’s make our soap today. We are working with
significantly less oil today because a good bit of our
soap has already been made. We have to use the ugly container because I have to be able to mix in all of those soap cubes evenly, and I didn’t want the
container to be so deep that I’m like scooping it out. So I’m gonna start by pouring my lye water solution into my oils. And then before I mix it, I’m
gonna add some spinach powder and some new leaf green
mica from Mad Micas and a little bit of apricot seed powder for light exfoliation. And then I am going to blend this without blending it, honestly. I’m just trying to mix
in a good majority of it before the soap comes to trace. (sprightly instrumental music) Now I’m going to be adding
in an essential oil blend of lemon, litsea cubeba and peppermint. It smells very uplifting, very fresh. And I’m gonna begin by blending in the essential oils without
turning the stick blender on. This essential oil blend makes the soap pretty darn runny, which is
great for our purposes today. And with all of our essential
oil blend incorporated, it’s time to start adding
our little soap cubes. Here are all of my soap cubes and this is a very lovely,
fresh color palette that is inspired by this photo. As you can see, there’s
a pop of purple in there, some red from the tomatoes,
there’s leafy greens. That particular photo is sort of the whole basis for
this month’s collection. I wanted it to just feel springy. I wanted it to feel delicious and fresh, and, you know, crunchy carrots
and sweeter vegetables. Like, just the whole kit and kaboodle. Pea soup. (laughing) I think it might be time
for a little shooka shooka. I thought I might add things slowly, but I just took the Nestea plunge. (laughing) That sound is so gross. – [Kenny] Ew. – [Katie] Well, that’s
pretty well incorporated. I might have to mix it
up a little bit more in our slab mold after this
quick commercial break. Now this is gonna be a little bit ploppy, and that, my friends, is
why we wear eye protection and long sleeves and gloves. – [Kenny] There are so many cubes. – I know! I’m gonna scrapey
scrapey my big containey. Now, just to make sure
everybody’s incorporated and there’s not gonna be, like, one place where there’s a ton of cubes and then another place where
they’ve all sunk to the bottom, I am gonna actually mix up the mold. It’s runny enough that
I can do this with ease. And I don’t want to tap
these down completely. I actually like seeing bits
and pieces of the colors, but if there’s a big one poking up like this guy right here, boop, boop, he’s going back down in. However, I am not gonna
tap this down on the ground because I know since it’s so fluid there’s not any air bubbles in it, and I don’t want all of these nice floating soaps to sink to the bottom. And that’s basically it for our signature farmer’s market soap. It’s a really easy make, but all of the time that it
takes to compile the colors, chop the embeds, that’s
where a good majority of our time for this soap is going. So short video but a little
bit more time intensive, actually, than some of our
other designs just because there’s so many embeds that
have to be made for it. All right, I’m gonna spritz the top with rubbing alcohol, and she’s done. We’re gonna let the
farmer’s market soap sit and then we’ll come back and take a look at the fresh and delicious inside, after this quick commercial
break, of course. (sprightly instrumental music) You guys, I’m so, so
excited to cut this soap. Look at that on the side; it’s beautiful. It reminds me of heirloom carrots. So I’ve lined it up
with my multi bar cutter and I actually get to stand
the soap right side up for this one because
there’s no decorations on the top that could cause any problems. Moment of truth. This is what it looks like on the inside. I love it. It’s perfect. Now something to note
is that I had to put in different amounts of the chopped soap, so I don’t have as many
purple and red in there as I do of the yellow and the greens because I wanted those to just be little pops of color here and there. I feel like if I had a
lot of purple and green, it might be visually confusing. Also, I just have to brag
on nurture soap a little bit because this is their
new trial by fire red. That’s what we used for these red embeds, and they do not bleed, like, at all. This is heavily pigmented. We really wanted to make
sure it was a true red, and even so, no bleeding. The question of the day is have you ever been to a farmer’s market? I know that in a lot
of European countries, that’s, like, a very common thing. Like, that’s where people go
get their weekly produce from, but here in America, and especially in Texas,
that’s a lot less common. In fact, I’ve only been to two or three, but they are more common in the country and if you have one close to you, it’s worth you checking
out because not only do you get to eat local, fresh produce, you also get to support small businesses. To vote on the question of the day, all you have to do is click the eye in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I love this soap and it smells so good. It’s been curing in here for a while, but it’s just so invigorating. It’s so fresh. And if you like essential oils, this is definitely gonna
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wanna follow us over there, and if not, that’s cool too. Be sure you do something
fun for yourself today, whether that is researching
your own flower garden. I am not gonna say anything more about it, because I talk about this
later on in the series, but sister may or may not be starting a new hobby this month. Or maybe making yourself a healthy meal full of fruits and vegetables. That’s a little harder to do because it’s still a little chilly outside, but hey, that’s what
Whole Foods is for, right? All those fresh fruits and veggies. Either way, do something
that makes you happy and I will see you guys on Saturday. And until then, bye for now. (sprightly instrumental music)