Hi guys, welcome back to another video in today’s video. I’m going to show you how to make money with teespring Yes guys and if you stick me to the end of this video, I’m going to show you a step-by-step process that You need to do and clock $200 per day with teespring. Yes guys So if you are new to this time guys English and I talked about how to make money online affiliate marketing cpa marketing Freelancing tips and trick. So if you think these are topics that you are interested in, you know, consider clicking the subscribe button Clicking the subscribe button hit the bell notification so that you get notified by YouTube each time. I drop a new video like these guys So guys in today’s teespring tutorial video I am going to show you how to make a $200 easy $200 party. Yes. We do 30 no skills No, nothing done by you Will have to all you have to do is just invest a little amount of money And yes, you are good to go You do this and you do it for life and this investment. Is there working for you for the rest of your life? yes guys and this strategy that we are going to be using in today’s video is Usually taken advantage of freelancers what I mean by freelancers is go to fiverr.com Or that just once you come to fabric on plaister an account with favor. There will be a link in the description description box below So once you come and register your account with fiverr.com Just on the search bar click on t-shirt design. So once you click on that fiber is going to bring you with a bunch of Freelancers that are offering this as a service as you can see look at this passage because this one look at this one so you can literally create you can literally pull each and every gig and see what suits your best and Depending on the niche you want you can also as such Yes, you can see can see what guys what I want you to do is that because we are not here to spend money We are here to just buy us me to ask a steeper as we can so as you can see, this guy is is the top seller on fire and is also offering His design for just $5. We like to look something cool up. So look at this. Now. This one is cool I think this one is cool He has our nine reviews over 100,000 people are happy with this and he can deliver our job job within 24 hours So I think it’s a cool guy. We can go bitching job Once you find the right person because the minimum key is Abdullah in fiverr.com. So just click on that issue considers please and order for these guys who this guy is going to deliver your order to you within that 24 hours because if we didn’t Do that 500 penalizing for that so he would make sure that he do that for you. So you have no problem for that So after you do that guys and now moving on to the next stage of how to create the t-shirt now we are we Already saw scar tissue. Well, I assume we already have a t-shirt or Freelance our graphic designer has already Done the design for us and give us and applause. So the next thing is to go to teespring teespring tsp photo shoot I don’t know what teespring is teespring is actually a website where you go and create your design or if you could or you come Goodie, as a customer See design that you like and also make an order on The other will be delivered to you all on the other hand You can also join teespring as a designer will be designed some different designs right from design of t-shirt baths cabs Logo and yes locals on different on socks and anything you can think of as conceived phone cases Some some of women clothings even child prudence. Yes and hoodies So all you have to do is just create the design the rest of the marketing and everything shipping an and creation of the map We’ll be taking care by a teespring Yes So I don’t have to do just create design leave it there and it will be working for you for the rest of your life once the customer placed an order for it once they buy you make your own profit and Teespring takes their own share of production and shipping. Yes. So you see it literally take – nothing to do to create a to make money with this particular website if you if I retired I don’t have I Assume, you know, just maybe that’s nothing out You don’t have time to like invest you can just go up to my channel this video here So let me show you the video before I proceed this video here where I talked about how to make $300 by day. I talked about about three different strategies that you can use to promote your You can use to promote your piece teespring design shirts that you create Yes And it’s well detailed video that you eat what watching guys so that’s that So the next thing you want to do after you create your account from the top right here. Just click on start designing So what we are going to do as I said earlier You literally don’t have any don’t need to have any knowledge of design or anything 4 4 4 4 foot for this matter So just click on t-shirt So after you click on Tisha just click on classic t-shirt because that was what we order So here we are here to say because you already have a teacher so you definitely want to need to click on this This sell button but – before we proceed if you have if you liked this video Make sure you give me a thumbs up and make sure you comment from the comments section below Comment value value you are getting value from the video guys. Yes guys so the next thing you want to do after you teespring us give you a simple layout like this guys is to Upload your image right away guys. So right away, you don’t even need to do anything the next you just want to Do is to add image here add text add image here We are not creating text, but for the video here that I create yesterday. I show you how to Make a text and put it on the – uncle and I might get it out yourself and Teespring will also do their own site for that. But the first you wanna do you can add color to it Maybe you wanna change the color that the graphic designer does to you So you can add it here. You can change different color of blue flag clink so pink Pink yellow so you can just click on done you are ok with it But in this case that you don’t even need to put the colors what you have to do is just click on add image So, let me just find one of my image here one of my image guys so let me just See if I can find one image here So, let me just put put this one Let me see so guys that’s how it will look like now assuming this my image now is the T-shirt from the fire that we’ve got so on it will just max the whole of this t-shirt To max it because that this is the the same amount This is the the same t-shirt design which we asked the designer to create for us So once we upload the image to just max this one So all you have to do the next thing is to set up your price what I usually recommend People in setting price is that – willing keep it too high as you keep it too low. So all I usually recommend $20 are 29 cents so you can just leave it again at a profit of $10, so guys imagine for the first order you are going out with You making an investment back and also you’ll make your first dollar profit with just one single sale So how cool is that guys? So does the price and dollar pricing in Euros so that just click on? design So does that so let’s preview our shit and see so that’s pretty much how it looked at doors once you have that put Put in your image, once you put in the tshirt image putting the color set to a month once you are done click on continue So it’s going to show us different different designs of her I’ll be teach it so that don’t just my my my listing here So as you can see You can just list it it is literally free you can list a lot of things here guys because least a lot of things So that is that with this? So once you are okay with you, just click on select type. You are working maybe on working with this one kid But I’m working with this one. So So let’s just click on that and click on done So once you click on doing just don’t then come back here and click on continue So does the one we choose as you can see we have foodies we’ll have socks Angela’s so after you take us Take you to a page like this. The next thing you wanna do is to put heading for your text Maybe this t-shirt is about hunted Hunt My hunt My hunt baby So Larry you can just here just write something that is a really Close that that is in congruent with your t-shirt maybe you will be in the hunt in which Will be in the fishing me to maybe in the gaming needs maybe in the cooking mail to maybe in the anything you can think Of all you have to do is just make sure you name it the right way once you name your your name Should I’m your teacher of course and your description should go along with your t-shirt. So our assume that I Tell you this one You know what to do here because there’s no time for me to sit down and have a design here and create a design So once you are okay with that here you can come in and change the URL You see the URL is followed based on the title of the t-shirt so all of that you can just since this one is just It’s just a tutorial video. Let me keep it unlisted. I’m not going I’m not ready to disturb So you just have to wait for it to show you an image To give an overview of how it will look like in this in the teespring store. So guys I hope you are getting value from this video and I hope this is one of the best Teespring tutorial video you find ever in youtube where the three strategies that you promote your teespring are teespring Products. Yes guy. So guys This is it. This is our t-shirt We have our t-shirt here as you can see just as the way it is And if you check here, this is the price we said $20 so what this $20 $10 a month this money is ours and $10 $10 $0.99 is for the TSP platform. So that is that here. So this is what the customer will be. Sure This is how the customize it will be shown to the customer. So this is the back of the shed of Input anything a debug so it is just in front of the shit as you can see So this is the custom how come here look for it. So this way you already number the size You want the quantity the color as you can see I have chosen colors from the beginning So this we had a customer who tooth variety of colors of his choice? So once he’s working with that you just click on Add to Cart So we have okay with publish are designed on T spring now The next thing does you don’t you don’t want to wait for T spring to promote your t-shirt because you probably not going around it May wanna take your time for you to get this particular $200 party that I’m saying Yes, but if you promote your t spring design links on their social media platform You gonna get sauce easy and quickly. Yes guys. So the next thing you wanna do is to Copy the link of this particular. I’m just from the question mark here. Let’s click on copy So the next the first platform the I’m gonna show you is Is Facebook, yes so what you want to do is if you come to Facebook is that you want to come to This search bar here and click on t-shirts T-shirts T-shirt printing the last you can see this virus suggestion. So you just click on t-shirts So after you click on t-shirt, what I want you to do is to move over to groups and click on groups So after that, the next thing we wanna do is to don’t just be don’t join this group yet That’s with what for me to tell you something. The next thing I do is to check the number of posts Each group is having party what I usually recommend that you should join group that are receiving about 10 tempo speedy. Yes That is what hold is it the third step of promoting are your teespring? Design is so you wanna join groups? just click on join join join join join them as much as you can but don’t us to know because Facebook will notice you that maybe you are a robot or something. That’d be me Just shut down your account for a little while before they bring it up again. So don’t do that Just trying at least ten groups paddy come back. You’re never daddy and after you join that guys the next thing I want you to do is To do this because a lot of people when they are showing you this particular tutorial video They usually tell you that once you join this group, they are preview your issues or start writing Hey guys. I have an awesome t-shirt. We will have to see here this under guys. This looks like spamming if you do that You’re not gonna get selves. Yes. I’m in it. If you do that, you’re not gonna get anything. Yes, because they didn’t trust you They you you you look to them as you are trying to scam them with our money So you need to build relationship tests and that relationship will only take you like 24 hours. Yes So what I want to is after you join, those those Facebook groups one What you want to do is they show you interact at least you interact with Two to three posts in each of the group you wanted you are targeting to post your design in the following year So interact with at least two and two three post once you do that gasps They’ve already known you they have seen you you are you provide value maybe to some of their? Suggestion or question because you see a lot of question in the group maybe advance out Somebody maybe typing where is the best place to buy a t-shirt? as you can see that Baptist is the right target for you to make not but don’t just sell him your Product out directly try to interact with him. Even if it is your first day don’t sell it out to him Yes, so after you interact with in the next following day, you can just come you can say hey guys. I got Some Some Everson or some T-shirt Design From a friend of Mine Can you look at it for me if it is worth buying? So after you dose right down here, I’m just right on rubbish. Of course. So after you read the icon dosa Leave it that mutual you place the picture of the particular Titian. Don’t post the link Facebook will not allow you because once you do that, then they are going to take your post down They are going to show you that your post will not be allowed. So don’t do that Just good rest until I got hey guys. I got some awesome t-shirt design from the front of mine So just tell me what did you what did you think should I buy it or not? Because they are already these people are already they are already target people for you. You’ve already tagged them They already they’re already like t-shirts. So some of them will stop commenting. Hey, it is awesome It is this it is this I will also like to buy do you have the link of the video? So that you get the kicker guys. So at least guys you need only 10 people from From you need only 20 people to tribute to buy that particular design and you clock $200 with Facebook using only Facebook. Yes guys should ask for Facebook So the next step is using Instagram. So to use Instagram all you have to do you want to create a profile that is That is meet specific, maybe your t-shirt is all about hunting So only what to do is just click on hunting Well, let me just see Quicken T-shirt, let’s just Let’s just you rather come find Some so as you can see guys look at it so you look at it Stop pan hot pan. So look at this this our t-shirt without cooking designs with them so what you want to do now is so let’s just Play you see this account is just cooking teacher. So they are only marketing t-shirt related to quicken So once you click on the the page As you can see their post is not even having any engagement. They are not active So what I want to do is to create a profile not your own a personal Instagram profile create a profile related to that particular Niche, maybe you choose a hunting niche or you choose a fishing niche or whatever. So just set up your account just like mine here and you should allow it to look like so you wanna Put something email – of course the image should not be you The image should be at least a design of t-shirt also to present your brand So all you have to do is click edit profile Once you click on edit profile here from the name you want to put something Related to design. The username should be also social relative to design here at the bio section what you want to do? This is where you put your t-shirt Teespring t-shirt. You wanna say? Hey, do you wanna make ah You wanna say something like art like this? Let me suggest see. Hey, do you? want New words and Also Hunting Hunting T-shapes Check The Link check the link below So then click on this paste your teespring link as you can see here kiss penguin, so let me just let me just as soon I Save this let’s just say that I’ll show you see My bio is too much We cannot copy this it cannot accommodate the whole of this so that is you tell you what you want to do you wanna customize your profile because this is what the They will be seen in the country or profile you just right. Hey if you wanna Do an awesome hunting t-shirts hoodies hoodies socks Anything you can’t you can’t just list your design as soon as you saw it on the teespring. There are different type of t-shirt So you can just call or do you between invest in the park last a gram a country with posters on design design design each? And every day you can post like five designs on the particular boya what you are aiming for Only one because you are allowed to put twenty one link So you put one lick or that particular design in this your body just like Maggie I say wanna learn how to make money online check My youtube channel here is a link to my youtube channel once somebody click on it is going to take him to my youtube channel Yes, so does that our instagram guys? So the next powerful traffic source is Easter is Cora Cora what Cora is is AB is a platform is a question-and-answer platform People come to Cora to expression some kind to Cora to answer questions So, how will you maximize how will you take advantage of Cora is by Ansel empty post question. For example people still with the hunting hunting even besides hunting t shed Hunting t-shirt, so let’s just do that You see a lot of you see what t-shirt brand does Sam hunt where? How do I hunt down companies that give away free t-shirt? What are the e-commerce site in India? Whatever teens Amazon So that is that So as you can see This one is a perfect question that you can click Once you find a question that will later to what you are trying to do so now you see to just just click on answer you see this person have no answer and it has been it has been Christian since long ago and nobody on site so does the opportunity for you now to come Also do special most fuel-efficient the peasant are right that actual description is gonna see your question once you see Co question is going to go through your answer and see what are your Recommendation because what all people are they’re not just here to answer the milk questions to milk questions after the milk questions and We know that you really need answer Once you outside the Apostolic what I would notify them once they get modified you’ll come back and check their question and IOC recommendation Erica initial that is where your teacher comes in As you can see just wanna say this is a question for me because I’m into making make money online Stuff as you can see this one say what is the time use when a site makes it difficult to? Make a user find something. So this this this person here is axion foreclosed on this question is directly towards me so I can answer the question and what give him some Recommendation and if I have something to sell out I can recommend this particular person So that is why I tell you that score is powerful so and this this answer that you wrote any person that comes to kora and try to such Uncertainty related to teaching your questions is going is going to pop up. I need to go to be shown to him So how cool is that guys? so all you have to do is what you just got this was your t-shirt brand does some hunt where if you don’t know what This one side just copy the wall of this answer guys Over to Google and go cool it no matter you. Have you have some hint about this particular person some hunt? so all you have to maybe some some of his side even images from his images you can know which type of t-shirt is wearing after you do say say hey, I Saw that you are looking for on some hunt t-shirt This is the type of t-shirt that some point is wearing and I also have some similar things Which is awesome my friend recommended to me I think you may like it something like that once you write so that you can just highlight The place maybe you can say if you if you need to check it out. Click the link here just highlight it once you highlight it click on the side panel and place in your Your TSP green once you click in your TSP this one distant become clicking So after you’ve given you a science question you recommending something then you also this way you recommended He’s going to click it because you want you to be skeptical that huh? We stopped easy there example some Honda because his grant is trying to imitate some hunt So that is pretty much what I and karate Let me show you the power of kora guys from this one would have been doing on karate question I’ve been answering. I have a lot of try you see the answers. I wrote on this particular website I got about 1900 almost 200,000 views my answers and the worth of wood and the God shares about 49 shares guys So not to show you the power of Korah In fact, I use karate to promote some of my youtube videos to be honest with you guys So guys that’s pretty much what I have for you guys If you enjoyed this video, make sure you give me a thumbs up hit the subscribe button Click the pen icon so that you get notified by YouTube each time. I crop in usual and if you want some stops like this Some videos on how to make money online. You can check them on my channel here I have a lot of them you can check with different strategy different method to Make money online so that that pretty much without for you can see you in my next video