my papa used to say if you want to win someone’s heart , then give him a good meal tell me Mr Danish, have I won your heart ? do you talk less or I am speaking a lot ? I am listening you, I am seeing that when a successful man speaks he has so much confidence in his accent you are successful, its my believe that if you got everything you want , its not success , but you got the one whom you love , its a real success give him soup, taste the soup papa don’t you see , Mr deewan Danish are you fine ? take him to my room , and give him my shirt , and stay with him, may be he need something, don’t come down stairs you are worrying uselessly , he will be fine , he will take 15 minutes , sit he will ask me that why did not come with him then you may say ” I do not like to go in the bed room of strangers ” whatever you want, it happens no. I want that they will not come from bed room whole night, but it will not happen how many years have passed to your marriage ? 8 years hmm its too much what do you mean by too much? a beautiful girl gave her 8 years to an ordinary man, its enough did you feel bad? yes what do you like , to live into pieces to live in the cage of a man who caught you he loves me a lot also tell that does he deserve your love or deserve you ? Mr Shehwar I like to talk with you , but I don’t want to talk like this sorry , I will not say it again where is your Mrs ? don’t know where she might be, may be in New York or Toronto when she may call, she will tell what does she talk on phone ? about business and profit, or if we may have lost in any company , she gets angry does she not ask about you ? yes sometimes she asks about me, she was also saying that do second marriage you both have some problems ? yes what? that we do not have a problem like love I am sorry , sometimes I laugh uselessly , excuse me did you enjoy ? how was the movie ? yes this Mr Danish , its a gift for you, but why this? take this, this is the first gift from a friend to an other friend and its the tradition of my home, we use to give a gift to our guest please take this otherwise I feel so bad thank you give it to me and this is for you Mr Roomi, it has so much chocolates and a little piano thank you you welcome and its for you its so expensive , Mr Shehwar your Mrs is also very expensive and love once are so expensive. do one thing , put it by your hands on her neck I will feel so good shall I bring it off Mehwish,,, Mehwish why are you sleeping here? I thought , I may put it on my necklace , then I slept its so expensive yes,, it suits on you, when you wear it , it looks expensive Mr Shehwar has a big heart yes did you feel bad ? why? he gave necklace and I took no, he gave me a wrist watch before necklace yes, that also seems so expensive but I got it as a tip what ? no I am just kidding , come and lets sleep why you called it tip if I would say it commission then you might mind, tip does not sound bad why are you saying all this ? what does it mean in the beginning if someone had a look on you , you used to tell me that person having a deep look on me today he was seeing you with full gaze but you did not feel that oh!! its like that . you are feeling doubt on his intention I am not talking about intention , I saw his gaze means you are doing doubt on me ? shut up Mehwish , I can not do doubt on you, but I felt strange that today you could not judge his vision in beginning I also felt that , later I realized that he can not stop himself to praise beauty , even though she is anyone’s wife may be , I also felt bad for the same if you want then I will return that necklace to him no, leave that why “leave that” ? then I also have to return the wrist watch you are so bad today I am feeling that I am so bad, I could not give you everything if you might not returned that money then we would go in our car whenever I see you I say to GOD , “thank you so much ” whenever I am about to do a mistake then I feel I am insulting Him by saying thank you okay may I ask one thing ? yes why do you not think like me? tell me what may I think ? think I am with you yes you are then say you do not want anything other than me mean I may say to God that I do not want anything ? if he may agree then he will not give anything , sleep now I want more things other than you , lets sleep he will take 15 minutes to come back, sit he will ask then why I did not go with him? then you may say ” I don’t like to go in the room of stranger ” whatever you want , it happens no, I want that whole night he will not come from room but it will not happen phone is ringing mom hello! how are you buddy , you did not call me since you went Anooshay ? yes, have you not seen number ? no , have not seen listen , bride and groom went for honey moon where ? London wow she seems like a sharp girl who? my sister in law, who else ? why?what happened ? I did understand after seeing her acts , but do not worry I am sharper than her hmm brother Danish has gone? yes he has gone at 7 :30 am then come to my home, we will do some gossips
yes he has gone at 7 :30 am then come to my home, we will do some gossips oh yes, I was wondered that brother Danish and Mr Shehwar became friends yes did you notice Mr Shehwar ? he become static by seeing you why? oh buddy, men become static by seeing a beautiful girl did he do some conversation ? conversation ? just hello and hi , he does not bother anyone , do you know what did he say after seeing you first time? what ? who is this fairy ? listen , I am going to shopping, will you go with me ? no , neither I have money nor mood poor people, bye bye yes I forgot to tell you one thing what? may be he will invite you for dinner so do not refuse , please go okay fine why are you so rude ? no I was giving breakfast to Roomi okay then give him breakfast , bye you have not finished it yet oh Mr Danish , do sign on it which file is this? boss has given you this memo memo for what ? you came late for two days and one day you left early without informing I did tell him, I swear did you tell him on phone ? then? information should be written, phone is not on record but Mr in reply , write that you did inform via phone I will write that then do signature and put the date of today give me the pen reject the money then it will happen to you means? you refused one million , do you know , how many salaries are equal to it insult for whole life, a man becomes disrespectful in his own eyes yes Danish oh very romantic voice , did you awake from sleep right now ? no , I came after taking bath that’s why you did not pick the phone yes , is everything fine? I got memo memo means ? boss wants explanation for two late coming and one early leaving where did you go after leaving early ? that day one I brought one million to you yes , did you not ask before coming ? I did ask , but there are no records of phones , but I know what is my real crime? what ? I did not take the bribe of one million then you got right memo, if I would be on the position of your boss, I would do same bell is ringing yes hello! hi, I was thinking to call you since morning but I don’t feel comfort by talking only I am sorry but I will not invite you inside I also will not come inside , I saw you its enough day will spend , bye with whom you were talking ? someone called our bell by mistake , he wanted to go in 408 I thought it was uncle Shehwar why he will come here? can not he come here ? we went to his home yes he can come, but if we will invite him then he will come, as he did invite us then invite him, he will bring so many chocolates say it to your papa its fine but if he will not bring chocolates then? hello! I am so sorry why you are saying sorry? I came without informing and without invitation, did not ask even today there were two important meetings , but I don’t want to go anywhere are you all fine? I am not fine , that’s why I did come to you for medicines I saw you , so patient got his medicines do you know, your words stay in my mind may I ask one thing ? yes whose words stay in you mind , do not you want to meet him ? we met yesterday night meeting of one night is enough ? the people whom we like , they stay in mind , I swear when I hear your words I become shocked , you say whatever you want when I say lie , I use to do fumble do you say lie? now I say lots of lies , when I do not feel sleepy then I say to myself that ” you are with me” Danish is calling , bye bye yes Danish when door bell ringed you cut the phone, who was there ? someone wanted to go to 408 , but he did come to 308 okay and I did not cut the phone, call was dropped listen , I wrote the answer and I also wrote that first time someone gave me memo to whom you wrote ? boss did ask for explanation yes I am talking about that okay , [ut the phone off, let me cook the meal okay bye bye this the first gift from a friend to and other friend , and its also the tradition of our home and its for you Mr Roomi, it has so many chocolates and a piano thank you welcome its for you all these are very expensive your wife is also very expensive you , you live in our building yes then sit thank you I saw you so many times yes my name is Naseer yes I was forgetting the name do you work near by no i came for a work of honorable judge, I am his reader okay well yes no he did not come yet he is about to come do you stay at home all the day ? yes, mostly I stay at home . sometime I go for shopping or go to picnic on Sunday will you do job? job? yes , with me at my office I will give you one lac salary , how much salary does Mr Danish take? I mean what is his salary ? just a few then say “yes” , you will get job and I will get cure which cure ? I told you , I have agreed to see your face say he will not agree it means he does not agree with you no, he does , but if I may say about your job, he will never agree he has doubt on you ? he doubts on you hahaha you see me like that , it seems clearly that you are looking at me then I can not help him, its my problem, when I wake up, my eyes start to search you I know , its not good for us, he will mind but I am scared that you may not feel bad I am sorry on that day I called you for dinner and offering the job , it all was to see you to meet you you also said that ” I will not listen such words” then you know the whole night I was blaming myself that why did I say this? why did I say such things , which may be disliked by you but what may I do Mehwish, when I meet you, I can’t stop myself it my problem Mehwish I do not hide my heart’s feeling , because I am not an actor okay I will do something , I will not meet you, neither I will call you nor I will come at your door to see you I will convince myself , that I do not have any rights on you, bye thank you so much Mr Danish no , no need of thanks please come at my home, will do gossips , I live in 408 408? yes, in your upper flat wow , its a strange coincidence, today someone came to meet you, and he did come to our flat by mistake okay okay then we will meet on any Sunday
okay okay then we will meet on any Sunday sure bye sir yes sir someone did come to meet you, he called your name and asked flat number then I told did you not tell that I am not at home? no sir , I could not say by seeing his personality but I kept my sight on him, he did not go inside, he called the bell , talked with ma’am, and came back, might be she told him that you are not at home yes was he came in a big car? yes okay thanks I thought to do a job shall I ? have I ever stopped ? in the beginning you were not agree that’s why but could not do anything do you have any offer ? how can I get any offer at home, will make my CV and will go to some places , let see you may not get a good salary due to no experience but you should try do you know why I am doing all this ? yes I know you want to help me and want to send Roomi to a good school you will get the job of P.R.O , for that a good face is required more than experience don’t send your CV alone , send along with your picture , then you will get offer in no time have you eaten the meal? have not eaten properly ? I ate SAMOSA in the way with Mr Naseer who Mr Naseer? he lives in our building , on top floor , he asked for lift then we became friends , then we ate somosa , give me green tea , if you will make Roomi come and eat something coming mom shall I talk with Anooshay ? which talk ? Mr Shehwar has also a big business then? I will say Anooshay to talk with for the job what is the need to talk with Anooshay , you can also talk for that me , how can I do? he is our friend , no need of CV and photo, you will get a good salary there then you talk with him no, if I will talk , it will seems as brokerage see , what I did say mistakenly , I mean if I will do talk it will not seem good go and change first, put the remote back go fast shall I make tea? it will be better if I will talk , it will seems as brokerage that is still pinching me, why did you say this ? I did not say intentionally , I am sorry you do not like my job , is it ? I am not feeling bad, but also not feeling good , and where Roomi will go Roomi will go to school schools finishes at 1:30 pm, after that ? after that he will stay with maid yes but from where we will get maid ? she will come Danish but if you admit him in a school of less fees then I can manage if this has to be done , I might do it last year , you know school is very important you did not go to the job yet and started fluent English , are you doing practice ? water is boiling if you will do job somewhere else then I do not have any problem if you will there then I will have a problem there means? I am talking about Mr Shehwar , may be he is a good man but when he looks at you, it seems that he is looking why you did not sleep ? I am trying to sleep you are feeling bad may I tell you one thing , where ever I may go, people will see me like that and talk about me and will praise me as they will get chance but they will give a less salary and there I will get more salary I know you are so possessive about me you do not like when someone looks at me or talk s about me but people look at me that time even when I am with you what do you mean? it will be bad when I will see someone or talk with someone , if you may get afraid from people , they will not change their intentions stop thinking about them , think about me, and look at me then why did you not tell that he came to our home, why you lied that guest of 408 was came to our home by mistake because he was came uninvited , I was also shock by seeing him, do you remember I cut the phone while talking with you , ask why I did so ? why did you cut the phone ? so you may not came to know and you will not get pissed and in anger you will not think wrong then why he did come and why he came at that time when I was not at home ? because I was not attending his phone what he does call you ? he does not call but he did call , when I came to know that he is Shehwar , I cut the call from where he got number ? he came to tell the same , he got the number from Anooshay, because he wants to help you he wants that I will do the job in his office and will help you, he offered salary , he said I will give you one lac per month one lac per month, in starting he will give one lac ? yes he said this then what answer you gave him ? I said ” talk with Danish ” he did not talk with me, he has my number listen , he saif if you will be agreed then I will talk with Danish, otherwise he will think I am doing some favor oh!! so clever he is not clever ,he is just a friend even though if you think that he is so clever , then I will not do job there please sleep now and your spies who gave you the news of his arrival, ask them, did I invite him inside? is there some problem ? no mama is angry no I am saying right papa, otherwise she talks a lot during cooking ask mama ? what ? have you seen, she said “what” otherwise she uses to say “yes” say what you want ? are you in anger ? 100 % she is angry finish it fast what are you doing ? leave my hand listen please, I do not have any spy, day before yesterday I met Mr Naseer, he lives in 408
what are you doing ? leave my hand listen please, I do not have any spy, day before yesterday I met Mr Naseer, he lives in 408 guard told me in front of him that someone was came to meet me , having the same personality ,
listen please, I do not have any spy, day before yesterday I met Mr Naseer, he lives in 408 guard told me in front of him that someone was came to meet me , having the same personality , he was asking about flat number, then guard himself left him our door leave I was angry because you did not tell me will talk after breakfast don’t talk about the job with him, I saw his gaze and before that I saw the world a sight of a man ih his first introduction, we can see his character in it